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AP Rankings
Rankings as of 3/14/2016
Rank School Votes Prev
1 Kansas 33-5 1623 (63) 1
2 Michigan State 29-6 1552 (2) 2
3 North Carolina 33-7 1488 7
4 Virginia 29-8 1384 4
5 Oregon 31-7 1371 8
6 Villanova 35-5 1283 3
7 Oklahoma 29-8 1215 6
8 West Virginia 26-9 1193 9
9 Xavier 28-6 1127 5
10 Miami (FL) 27-8 920 11
10 Kentucky 27-9 920 16
12 Purdue 26-9 873 13
13 Utah 27-9 870 12
14 Indiana 27-8 828 10
15 Texas A&M 28-9 682 17
16 Louisville 23-8 585 14
17 Arizona 25-9 559 15
18 Maryland 27-9 489 18
19 Duke 25-11 383 19
20 Seton Hall 25-9 374 NR
21 Baylor 22-12 347 22
22 Iowa State 23-12 317 21
23 California 23-11 270 24
24 SMU 25-5 84 25
25 Iowa 22-11 82 20
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Coaches Rankings
Rankings as of 4/5/2016
Rank School Votes Prev
1 Villanova 35-5 750 (30) 6
2 North Carolina 33-7 720 3
3 Kansas 33-5 657 1
4 Oklahoma 29-8 643 7
5 Virginia 29-8 631 5
6 Oregon 31-7 596 4
7 Michigan State 29-6 488 2
8 Miami (FL) 27-8 480 11
9 Indiana 27-8 456 12
10 Syracuse 23-14 446 NR
11 Xavier 28-6 361 9
12 Texas A&M 28-9 358 15
12 Maryland 27-9 358 17
14 West Virginia 26-9 331 8
15 Iowa State 23-12 315 19
16 Kentucky 27-9 297 13
17 Notre Dame 24-12 285 NR
18 Duke 25-11 263 20
19 Purdue 26-9 184 10
20 Utah 27-9 170 14
21 Gonzaga 28-8 157 NR
22 Arizona 25-9 154 16
23 Wisconsin 22-13 149 NR
24 Baylor 22-12 105 18
25 Iowa 22-11 82 24
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RPI Rankings
Rankings as of 4/4/2016
Rank School RPI Prev
1 Kansas 33-5 0.6765 1
2 Oregon 31-7 0.6624 2
3 Virginia 29-8 0.6572 3
4 Villanova 35-5 0.6526 4
5 North Carolina 33-7 0.6448 5
6 Oklahoma 29-8 0.6416 6
7 Xavier 28-6 0.6392 7
8 Utah 27-9 0.6365 8
9 Miami (FL) 27-8 0.6363 9
10 Kentucky 27-9 0.6310 10
11 West Virginia 26-9 0.6309 11
12 Michigan State 29-6 0.6308 12
13 SMU 25-5 0.6223 13
14 Maryland 27-9 0.6171 14
15 Purdue 26-9 0.6161 15
16 California 23-11 0.6158 16
17 Louisville 23-8 0.6135 17
18 Texas A&M 28-9 0.6098 18
19 Seton Hall 25-9 0.6088 19
20 Duke 25-11 0.6083 20
21 Saint Joseph's 28-8 0.6067 21
22 Dayton 25-8 0.6062 22
23 Iowa State 23-12 0.6056 23
24 Indiana 27-8 0.6015 24
25 Baylor 22-12 0.6007 25
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Last updated Apr. 28, 2:30 a.m. ET
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Mike Reiss with Dale, Hol…

Mike Reiss with Dale, Holley and Thornton

Dale, Michael and Jerry dig into the details of this draft for the Patriots with ESPN's Mike Reiss.

NFL SUNDAY with Mike Giardi and Chris Price -- Roger Goodell is maddening! -- 5-1-16

Giardi and Price discuss the Tom Brady appeal getting overturned and Roger Goodell's victory tour. The guys can't believe the victory lap and some of his behavior. The more you listen to him, the more frustrating his behavior becomes.

NFL SUNDAY with Mike Giardi and Chris Price -- A look at the AFC East post NFL Draft -- 5-1-16

Giardi and Price break down how the teams in the AFC East altered their futures after the NFL Draft weekend.

Jeff Goodman, ESPN, joins…

Jeff Goodman, ESPN, joins Giardi and Bradford to preview the NBA Draft and the future of the Celtics - "They're looking to get a starter this year, a starter in next year's draft and possibly a free agent starter...Kevin Durant is not coming here." ...

Jeff Goodman calls Mike and Rob to drop a ton of knowledge on the upcoming NBA Draft and some of the names available. Sorry fans - he doesn't see Kevin Durant or any big-named free agents coming to Boston and thinks they'll end up making the third pick this season. He also says that there is NO WAY he would trade next year's Brooklyn pick because the draft will be very deep. He discusses the chances of trading with Philly for Okafor, why he like Kris Dunn so much and much more.

Head Coach Brad Stevens with Dale and Holley

Brad Stevens makes his first appearance on the Dale and Holley with Thornton show. We discuss the Atlanta series and what went wrong, and where the Celtics go from here.

WEEI Celtics Podcast -'s Ian Thomsen on Spurs-Thunder Ending, Danny Ainge's next move for Celtics 5/3

Ian Thomsen of joined Sam Packard and Jared Weiss to discuss the next moves for Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics with the NBA Draft Lottery rapidly approaching. They discussed the crazy ending to Game 2 of Thunder vs Spurs and picked the player they would build their pretend new franchise around.

Wade Boggs with Joe and T…

Wade Boggs with Joe and Tim

Joe and Tim are joined by the man of the hour, Wade Boggs, on the night where the Red Sox retired his number 26. Wade talks about his career in baseball and how it feels to have his number retired.

Carl Yastrzemski with Joe and Tim

Joe and Tim are joined by Red Sox legend and baseball Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski about his time with the Red Sox and his thoughts on the 2016 team.

Red Sox Review with Mut, 5-25-16

Mut recaps the Sox 10-3 win over the Rockies.


SUNDAY SKATE with DJ Bean and Pete Blackburn -- A look toward the future for the Bruins -- 4-17-16

DJ and Pete continue to assess the season that was for the Bruins and look toward the future for the franchise and how they can improve.

SUNDAY SKATE with WEEI's DJ Bean and Uproxx's Pete Blackburn -- They got what they wanted...Claude Julien is staying in Boston -- 4-17-16

DJ and Pete are together for the final Sunday Skate of the season. They get into their overall thoughts on the season, the Bruins keeping Claude Julien on as head coach and the end-of-season press conferences last week. They discuss the rebuild process, what the Bruins need and how they can obtain it. Plenty of callers have their own theories and opinions on all of these topics as well.

Butch Stearns with DJ Bean and Pete Blackburn -- The season is officially over for the Bruins; where do we go from here? -- 4-10-16

Butch is joined by two-thirds of the Sunday Skate show in DJ and Pete. The guys discuss the problems with Bruins including leadership and grit, who should stay and who should go and if Claude is to blame.

D&C - Gerry takes on a Wo…

D&C - Gerry takes on a Worcester lawyer who calls to defend Judge Andrew Mandell's role in the death of an Auburn policeman 5-26-16

The guys go to battle with a caller who claims to be a Worcester attorney that would like to defend the role judge Andrew Mandell had in letting Jorge Zambrano back on the streets shortly before he killed a police officer.

D&C - A expose raises serious questions about the Massachusetts legal system, Zambrano case 5-26-16

Gary Tanguay, Gerry Callahan, and Kirk Minihane discuss the intel from which describes awkward judicial relationships between an Uxbridge judge, his daughter Ashley Losapio, and Losapio's boyfriend Giancarlo Zambrano, twin brother of cop killer Jorge Zambrano

D&C - Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Was American hero Chris Kyle a liar? 5-26-16

A report says that late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle exaggerated his accomplishments during the Iraq War. Does it affect hero status for one of Gerry's all-time favorite people?

Cavaliers make the Raptor…

Cavaliers make the Raptors look like "mannequins", 5-26-16

The guys discuss the absolute thrashing the Cleveland Cavaliers handed the Toronto Raptors last night.

Ted Olson, Brady's attorney, joins OMF, 5-26-16

Ted Olson, joins the guys to talk about how he and Tom Brady plan to attack the latest court ruling.

Red Sox to retire Wade Boggs' number, Patriots file brief, 5-26-16

Glenn, Lou and Christian start the show by talking about the Red Sox retiring Wade Boggs' number. They also touch on the brief filed by the Patriots yesterday.

Wade Boggs wearing his Ya…

Wade Boggs wearing his Yankees ring... was it tone-deaf or are we just over-sensitive fans?

We discuss Wade Boggs, his attitude, legacy and decision to wear his NY Yankees ring on the night the Red Sox honored the 1986 team.

Ted Olson's words may give new confidence to Patriots fans who want the Deflategate fight to continue

We discuss OMF"s interview with Ted Olson, the Amicus brief filed by the Patriots, and whether or not fans are sick of this fight and just want it to end, or if fighting to the bitter end is the right choice.

Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Underappreciated Edition 05-26-16

Inspired by Wade Boggs, we look at him and four other guys who's value wasn't realized until they were long gone.

Red Sox Review with Mut, …

Red Sox Review with Mut, 5-25-16

Mut recaps the Sox 10-3 win over the Rockies.

5-24-16 Red Sox Review with Mut

Carson Smith needs Tommy John and Jackie Bradley Jr. reaches 28 game hitting streak

Planet Mikey Show Hour 4 5-23-16

Hour 4 of The Planet Mikey Show w/ Christian Arcand.

Unsportsmanlike Podcast -…

Unsportsmanlike Podcast - Graig Murphy 2

Jerry is joined by Graig Murphy to talk stand up comedy. Until Graig pretty much hijacks the podcast to tell his side of the "Big Show Unfiltered" story.

SoccerCast - Champions League Final Preview

Ben and Russ preview the Champions League Final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Who we want to win, who we think will win, and why. We also talk about our wishes for the USMNT.

Enough About Me - Ep. 15: Pete Sheppard

The Dennis and Callahan malcontent is joined by former WEEI personality Pete Sheppard to talk about his past involvement with the station and his current gig in New Hampshire. You'll be glad to hear Pete hasn't changed one bit.

Ted Olson, Brady's attorn…

Ted Olson, Brady's attorney, joins OMF, 5-26-16

Ted Olson, joins the guys to talk about how he and Tom Brady plan to attack the latest court ruling.

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Ep. 15: Pete Sheppard

Ep. 15: Pete Sheppard

The Dennis and Callahan malcontent is joined by former WEEI personality Pete Sheppard to talk about his past involvement with the station and his current gig in New Hampshire. You'll be glad to hear Pete hasn't changed one bit.

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Jim Polito hangs up on us…

Jim Polito hangs up on us, 5-24-16

Jim Polito of WTAG in Worcester joins us for a few minutes to talk about the district attorney and how the show should stick to sports.

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D&C - Lucy bows out of th…

D&C - Lucy bows out of the producer race, Ken and Paul are in (by default)

Ken Laird and Paul Chartier are officially the new producers of the Dennis and Callahan Show as Lucy Burdge bails out of the race, perhaps due to money concerns.

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Turtleboy on Auburn cop k…

Turtleboy on Auburn cop killer case, 5-24-16

Turtleboy from Turtleboy Sports joins the guys to talk about the cop killer.

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